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「Software Escrow」Service

We provide 'Software Escrow' to provide the best stability.


Aram Communications, inc. provides 'Software Escrow' to provide the highest level of stability in the introduction and maintenance of user's solution.

What is 'Software Escrow'?

We provide services to ensure the stable business execution of companies using Aram Communications, inc.'s copyright protection and anybuild solutions. 'Software Escrow' is a system for bilateral win-win cooperation in which an an-build source code and technical information are stored in a trusted third party.

'Software Escrow' User Benefits

In case of closure, bankruptcy, natural disaster, etc. of Aram Communication, inc., the solution source code is issued and the customer can use the Anyuild solution continuously and reliably.

'Software Escrow' agency

Korea Copyright Committee (former: Program Review and Coordination Committee)

- Legal Basis
Article 20-2 of the Act on Protection of Computer Programs (Escrow of Program)
Article 10-2 of the Enforcement Decree (Korea Copyright Commission)