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New introduction guide

If you are new to the Anybuild solution, consider the following three aspects.

Anybuild Solution,
Once again, take a closer look at three aspects.

Efficiency aspects of resources

Choosing an anybuild solution will greatly reduce your valuable resources (time / manpower / cost).

  • Time
    With Anybuild solution, customers can eliminate programming work and server work time while designing home page, excluding design work time.
    Typical website producers have to go through many processes such as design work, program work, coding work, server setting work, cross-browsing work, external social networking. However, Anybuild is designed to run all of these programs in real time.
  • Manpower
    With the Anybuild solution, web designers can build websites as well.
    You can get regular services from IT experts at 50,000 won a month.
    Generating a general website requires at least one developer to three developers and one server administrator. As the number of homepage creation increases or the size of homepage production increases, more manpower is required for security equipment, server management, and updating.
  • Cost
    Monthly Fee : *,***
    You can use an unlimited number of image sources and all solutions. (Separate design template, separate hosting fee)
    Are you currently creating or preparing your homepage? If so, I think there are too many things to consider, such as developer labor, server hosting and server administrator labor, API external license purchase costs, and image source purchase costs. However, you do not have to worry about using Anybuild solutions.

Maintenance aspect

The main revenue source for Anybuild solutions lies in your ongoing use.
One of the biggest complaints for companies that buy and use most web programs is that system maintenance is difficult.
Anybuild solution is not profitable at the point of selling the program.
It is the most important structure that your company will continue to use well, because the customer is using the solution well and the fee paid accordingly becomes the main revenue source for Anybuild.

To this end, Anybuild supports a variety of educational programs.

  • Professional customer support organization operation and remote support consultation
  • Separate site for community activation (Sharing only for contractors)
  • It provides various manual (Video lecture by function, online manual, booklet manual etc.)

Adaptation aspect according to change of management environment

Recent changes in html4.0 in xhtml now should be changed to html5. And to consider smart phones and tablet PC.
In addition, since the previous homepage was operated as its own content, there were fewer problems, but in recent years, there have been a lot of external interlocking programs such as SNS, i-pin, large-capacity uploader and html editor.
But what happens if an affiliate updates the program? Occasionally, there will be a case where the update cost is more than the production cost, and it is often necessary to reproduce from the beginning.

Anybuild solutions detect the changes and trend changes and provide the most reliable update support.