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Hybrid APP

It offers the best performance and versatility.

When you request APP development, you can integrate with existing reactive web and mobile web, and it is faster and easier to use than surfing in simple web browser. You can also register for both the Android and iOS App stores and take advantage of many features such as push notifications, image push, and attendance check events.

What is Hybrid APP?

It is a combination of merits of 'html web page' and 'native app' (Hybrid) that merely merits the merits of different elements to achieve a specific purpose.

The hybrid APP provided by our company is developed in two parts as follows, so we can expect the best performance.

Parts that take up a lot of space, such as frequent content changes or file attachments, are developed as web pages.
- PUSH and GPS, page movement effect, etc. are developed as native APP.

  • By reducing heavy WEB area, lightly! fast!

    The web will render all pages, but APP will work faster because it only renders the body.

  • The navigation (category) hybrid application itself modal processing!

    The web relies on JavaScript to display the navigation menu, but the app is self-modal, so it's very fast.

  • NO Rendering when moving to previous page!

    On the mobile web, the page will be re-rendered every time you click the back button. However, since APP keeps the previous page, it does not go through a separate rendering process.

  • Hybrid app sign in to modal output itself!

    On the mobile web, you have to go to that page to sign in, but APP provides a separate modal page where you can sign in anywhere. Once you log in, you are automatically logged in.

  • Receive push messages and always see them

    Android devices can instantly see push messages on the desktop, and once received messages can be viewed at any time.
    IOS devices can only view text messages, click text, and see details.