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Banner Affiliate Marketing

If you want a consistent and reliable marketing approach, try Banner Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliates pay bills in cafes, blocks, websites, etc., in proportion to their membership or sales.
Banner Affiliate Marketing is a service that allows you to directly measure the effectiveness of your advertising and ensure a long-term, reliable advertising effect.

1. Affiliate Recruitment
Affiliate recruitment
(Personal, Blogger, Cafe, Web site, etc.)
2. Affiliate forwarding
Pass banners and admin mode to affiliates
3. Customer and Sales Tally
Check customer count and revenue on banners
4. Commission payment
Commissions paid to affiliates in accordance with the contract

What is banner affiliate marketing?

We recruit affiliates such as cafes, blogs, and websites, post your website banner on the site, and then pay the advertising fee in proportion to the number of members who have entered the banner or sales.
Because you pay for advertising based on performance, you can directly measure which affiliate you're advertising when you advertise.
In addition, it is a marketing method that can expect a stable advertising effect for a long period of time because it provides advance payment of advertising expenses and ad conditions in advance.

Anybuild Banner Affiliate Marketing allows you to see at a glance the banner creation, affiliate sales statistics and commission payments.