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Powerful system security

All data Anybuild is very safe because the storage Anybuild server.


Database security on the homepage is very important.
If an unauthorized person searches the main data and the member DB and business contents leak out to competitors, the business activity will be greatly affected.
However, all the material in Anybuild is kept safe on Anybuild server, so it is very safe.

Hardware Security

Anybuild server with the members' data is kept in the Internet Data Center (IDC), a server hotel, not in the Anybuild office.
- Control of the Internet data center (IDC)
- Clear access to the IDC building itself
- Unauthorized access control other than server access authority
- UPS equipment and temperature / humidity maintenance for sudden power failure
- Blocks unauthorized access to servers through network firewalls and IPS devices

Encryption of input data

Important information that is entered by the user of the solution is encrypted, stored and encrypted.
In other words, even if an unauthorized person accesses one server and leaks data, it can not decrypt the encrypted data directly. In the future, we will gradually expand the scope of encryption according to the development of user's computer and internet network.

Per-user permissions and access control

User verification on web based systems is very important.
- Site ID / Administrator ID / Password
- Block specific IP access

General Server Hosting vs Anybuild server

Many people who are considering Anybuild compares security by comparing how they maintain with regular server hosting and how they use Anybuild servers.
If you set your security costs for the company's own servers to hundreds of millions of won will strengthen to a similar level as in Anybuild security.
In addition, general server hosting is nothing but basic security, and it is the reality that only internet is connected.