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Successful IP blocking

Do you really need to show your keyword ads to customers who already know your website?

Customers who already know my website, who made an order payment, who made a payment for a consultation, etc.
We'll help you save up to 20% on your advertising costs by preventing your ads from being exposed by existing customers who do not need more keyword impression ads.

Customers continue to access the same keywords.

Block paid ads from existing customers!
You can save as much as 20% over unnecessary advertising costs.

Customers who already know my website have more than 97% chance of coming back through various methods other than clicking on keyword ads such as site name search, favorites, and SMS reception
Keyword ads are essential because new customers primarily use interest keyword searches. But if you visit again (or your existing customer) clicks on paid ads again?
Reduce your advertising costs by 20% by reducing your initial billing and unnecessary advertising costs through successful IP blocking!

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