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If you are a company or organization that builds many homepages, Anybuild is a must.

Anybuild solution is suitable for companies and organizations that build many homepages.

Anybuild is free to build various solutions with membership. (Design content is separate)
It is not suitable for one or two cases of homepage production, and we strongly recommend anybuild if you plan to make more than 10 cases in the future.

Solution Type
  • Responsive web site
  • Website promotion type
  • Shopping mall
  • In-store type shopping mall
  • Closed mall
  • Franchise shopping mall
  • Open market
  • Job search website
  • News articles website
  • Community website
  • Pensions website
  • Company information website

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License Information Table
Premium Enterprise
Server hosting Licenses can only be viewed by business owners.

Business login shortcut
Master account deposit
Master account management fee
Website 1 license fee per account
(Non-billing for suspended accounts or standalone)
Standalone conversion by account
Design templates price (Lowest price guarantee)
Using design templates
Design template display license
Smart Home Management APP
Image source support
Default update
Server firewalls and other security
Provide solutions
  1. Premium : Solution is installed through our cloud server, real-time update support and all solutions and affiliate services are available for free.
  2. Enterprise : Is installed on your server, you can modify the source and DB. This is usually the case when you need a fusion of hosting center and your own solution.