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Feature Upgrades

Anybuild is upgrading its features for free to customers' needs and system development.


Even now, even if it is a very good system, it can not be used unless it adapts to change according to the change of environment.
Anybuild is upgrading its functions free of charge, daily or weekly, to meet your requirements and system development.

Changes in the IT system

Anybuild responds instantly to changes in computer specifications and OS, and constantly upgrades the system so that it can be implemented normally on smartphones and tablet PCs.

Changes in the External Environment of a Company

The web market changes to html4.0, xhtml, html5, etc., and homepage is broken or does not work. In such cases, it is often renewed again at extra cost.
Anybuild can help you to maintain the homepage of all users by modifying the system quickly and without any extra cost for this external environment change.

Changes in the system due to changes in the internal environment of the company

The company says it is the same as riding a bicycle.
As you step on the bicycle pedal, your business activity needs constant change. Changing the solution is inevitable to change the management activities, but it is not easy for the company to change the system every time a change occurs.

Since Anybuild has been developed steadily since 2007, it already has most of its functions and is designed to be used in a desired form.Anybuild

Free feature upgrade progress criteria

If your suggestions are beneficial to multiple users, or if your development is determined after Anybuild internal review for your convenience, the upgrade will proceed without additional cost.
Development confirmations are upgraded sequentially, and are updated the same for all solution users.
However, if the proposed content is not required for a large number of users, additional costs may be incurred.