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Live Chat Solution

If only the phone anytime and anywhere, you can chat in real time every day to meet our customers tens solution!


The real-time chat solution is a chat solution that enables real-time customer response through the smart home management APP.
You can manage the conversation contents by each member, and you can conveniently manage your customers by attaching the file attachment function and the 'Kakao pay' linked payment function.

What is a real-time chat solution?

As consumers' trends change to value consumption and culture consumption, global marketing trends are changing to "micro value marketing" which raises customer satisfaction with little consideration. I think what the customer wants, and it is to raise the satisfaction of the customer with a small but pleasant consideration.

In order to win the hearts of different consumers, such as the shopping industry, the food service industry, and the medical industry, listen to your voice and clearly reflect what your customers want. And you need to have a system that allows you to quickly feedback even the smallest questions.

Anybuild when customers are entering the Web site offers chat solutions that can respond in real time, anywhere via the smart home management app. There are various functions such as consultation on / off function, separate conversation contents per member, attachment function of files, and billing function linked with 'Kakao Pay' (* scheduled to open in October 2017). 1: 1 consultation is done in real time, so it is possible to operate effectively.

Main function

  • Key Features - 1

    Customers entering the website through the smart home management APP can respond in real time.

  • Features - 2

    Consultation of (on) / absence (off) functions can be freely communicate with their customers.

  • Features - 3

    You can save each member by a separate conversation.

  • Features - 4

    A file attachment You can send pictures and files.

  • Features - 5

    'Kakao Pay' can be paid at once by payment with the interlocking function.
    (* The service will open in October 2017)