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Stand-alone solution

Anybuild solution can be hosted by any hosting company and can be installed / operated from abroad.


Stand-alone solutions to the buyer purchasing the solution has direct ownership of the program source, you can directly edit the desired program source.
In addition, it can be hosted in a hosting company want a solution, it is possible to install / operate abroad.

Standalone VS rent

The main difference between stand-alone types and lease types is the difference between providing a program source and providing additional services.

While standalone has the advantage of being installed on the desired server, it is often not supported for the various additional services provided by the rental.

For example, APP related, automatic deposit confirmation service, cache server, various external API interworking, security server and backup can not be solved by stand-alone source.

Please review the support below and choose standalone or leased.

Service Comparison

Service Comparison Table
Division Standalone Leased
Modify the program source Freedom
(99.9% Open-source - php_strip_whitespace() process)
Program ownership Has exist None
External FTP Possible Impossible
Direct Access DB Possible Impossible
Third-party hosting available Possible Impossible
The latest version updates Impossible Real-time automatic updates
Edit plus FTP interlock
(Modify design source directly)
Impossible Support
SSL secure transport Unsupported (Separate Development) Free support
Smart Home Management APP Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Hybrid APP Unsupported (Separate Development) Available in both Android Market and iOS Market
API support Impossible Support
Security Systems Impossible
(Please contact your security server provider)
Free from us
Load distribution system Impossible (Please contact your server administrator) Free from us(Traffic cost separate)
Server equipment You must purchase the server yourself. Enterprise-class servers
Cache Server Impossible Optimized cache is two to three times faster than standalone
Backup Server You must manually back up. DB is automatically backed up once every morning
FTP will automatically backup once every 10 days(overwrite)
Design Farm Unsupported Support
Weather Information Interaction Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
FAX transmission Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
SMS sending and calling number registration Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
(Beginning October 16, 2015, you will need to register your calling number.)
I-Pin, mobile phones, identity authentication certificate Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Naver Syndication Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Membership information, message boards, and sent the form, fit board, sharing features Impossible Support
Posts automatic registration Impossible Support
Access Statistics Impossible (Please use third party access statistics solution.) Support
Change Language It is set to the language that was initially set, and the language can not be changed afterwards. Support
Blog interlock Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Currency interlock Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Visitor GPS Location History Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Various design themes Not available (Impossible) Support
YouTube video interlock Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Get the RSS document automatically Unsupported (Separate Development) Support
Domain Host Management Impossible Support
robots.txt Auto-generate Manually created Automatically update
SCSS support Impossible Support
Slide Wizard Editor Impossible
(Usable only, not editable)
Animation Editor Impossible
(Usable only, not editable)
1: 1 chat solution Additional costs Support
Kakao Alimtalk Impossible Support
Other external API interlock Conference Automate all

Installing third-party hosting environment

Installing third-party hosting environment Table
Division Leased
Monthly Fee None
Solution sales price
(Design template costs are separate)
  • PR-alone solution : 880,000
  • Store Solutions : 990,000
  • News articles Solutions : 1,100,000
  • Business information solutions : 1,650,000
  • Job Solutions : 2,200,000
  • Open Market Solutions : 5,500,000
  • Franchise Store Solutions : Conference
  • Video Lecture Solution : Conference

If you have additional installed programs besides the above solutions, you may incur additional costs.

Server installation fee included price.

Please consult separately when transferring to another server after server installation.

Solution Installation Specification

If the environment of your server does not match, it may be difficult to install the solution. Please check the server specifications before purchasing the solution.

  • Operating system : CentOS 6.x (64 Bit)
  • Web Server : Apache 1.3x ~ 2.x.x
  • Language Development : PHP 5.4 ~ 7.0
  • Zend Optimazer
  • Ioncube_loader required for PHP 5.4+ [다운로드]
  • Database : mysql 5.5 ~ 5.6
  • Character Set : UTP-8
  • ImageMagick required
  • mysqli_connect required
  • curl required
  • fsockopen required
  • mod_rewrite required
  • mcrypt required
  • soap required
  • mbstring required
  • iconv required
  • Licenses are permanent use, the monthly fee is $ 0.00.
  • The license is 1Copy, 1Domain, 1Database, 1Host principle.
Refund Policy Due to the nature of our solution, we can not refund or exchange it after the initial installation.
Precautions - The standalone solution does not have a separate manual for the source. And please note that we will not give you a guide about the source. (php developer experience is recommended for more than three years)
- 0.1% of the stand-alone source is the 'Zend encoding' This file does not affect the customized solutions, it is encoded in the license management purposes. Please note that decode Zend files, migrate to other hosting and install will be against copyright law.
- Anybuild solution is copyrighted software registered in the [Korea Copyright Commission]. You may not reproduce all or some of the Sources and use them for any other purpose.

Let me tell you about the types that require a standalone solution.

If you need a unique feature that is not supported by a common leased solution
Since the leased solution takes precedence over the general functions required for operating the homepage, it is difficult to add special functions. If your site requires special features not found elsewhere, we recommend using a standalone solution.

If you have a large portal site
Leased solution have limited hosting capacity or traffic, or are expensive. Therefore, it is often difficult to operate large-scale portal sites with a large number of products or visitors. Stand-alone solutions enable large-scale service through independent servers.

If you want free DB, FTP access and can modify the program source
The leased solution can not access DB or external FTP. By using standalone solution, direct DB and FTP management of member information, product information, image, etc. can be performed, and program source modification or further development is possible.