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Keyword automatic bidding

See your keyword's ad rank in real-time and pin it to your preferred ranking!

9:00 am to 6:00 pm, keyword competition is the most intense time.
The automated bidding solution will stay in your desired position without being shaken in competition.
Save money and maximize your advertising!

Examples of automated bidding solutions

The graph below is the "bid amount" and "impression rank" of the "timezone" ads for the "website solution" keyword.
Keyword search ads are a cost-per-click (CPC) bidding method, and since they are set as a bid, there is a significant variation in ad spending between 09:00 am and 18:00 pm, when clicks are most active.

What happens if you think about the average bid offered by each portal and then proceed with the ad?

Please scroll left and right on the table.

Service cost
Time If the 15th entry average bid offered by each portal is 5,330 Actual 15th entry bid price result
00:00~09:00 About 2 to 4 1,000 Ranking up, advertising costs
09:00~12:00 About 32 9,300 Ranking failed!
12:00~13:00 About 20 6,100 Ranking failed!
13:00~18:00 About 32 9,800 Ranking failed!
18:00~24:00 About 10 2,500 Advertising Expense

위에서 보여드린 키워드 자동입찰 솔루션 그래프와는 정 반대로 입찰금액은 일정하지만 새벽 시간대는 광고비 과소비를, 주요 시간대에는 순위에도 들지 못하는 경우가 빈번히 발생하게 됩니다.

The Keyword Automated Bidding solution helps you identify these issues and make it easier for you to run your ads.

Service Features

You can set the desired day of the week, time zone

Is it necessary to maintain a high ranking in the early hours of the day?
By setting appropriate rankings according to time of day and day of the week, we prevent overspending and maintain a stable advertising ranking.

Enter the rank you want with the least cost

Keyword automated bidding will monitor bid and bid adjustments in real-time, adjusting bids as you move up and down.
By monitoring real-time rankings without relying on average bids, you are able to save even more than traditional bidding methods, since you only pay the least amount of money to enter the desired rankings.

Web site and marketing management at once

Still managing your website and keyword ads separately?
Web site management, as well as development ranking and access statistics of ongoing keyword advertising! You can check it at once.

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