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Automatically build websites

With Anybuild solution, anyone can easily deploy your homepage automatically.

Easy Build Web Site with just one click

To create a website account, create an account on the server, there are many parts that need to be set, such as FTP creation and capacity constraints, domain connectivity, traffic restrictions and security settings.
When using Anybuild, with just a single click is FTP, domains, traffic, security, etc. are automatically set. And the creation account, you can simply copy / edit / delete.

When building the initial web site, you can build a big following three types.

  • Custom Design : Only accounts created, and a way to directly produce any design.
  • Copy its Web site : To copy an already created web site and create an account.
  • Select a magic template : Anybuild is affiliated with many professional imaging companies. Out of the 400 templates, you can choose to create an account by selecting the customer's preference.
Register/modify homepage
Register/modify homepage
The resulting website account can be quickly and easily managed in the administrator mode. (Designated representative, hosting cost settings, e-money management, access rights settings, etc.)
Register/modify homepage