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Customizing Program

In Anybuild and support programs affordable and reliable customized.


Need to develop customized?
Anybuild can be supported through the development of a stable alliance Anybuild and numerous web development companies if the program has already been developed but needs to develop customized unexpectedly.

Anybuild solutions, has developed a number of programs from the Web in 2007. Since most of the programs that are currently used in the web market is already developed can facilitate website creation.

However, if you need to develop customized unexpectedly, you may ask for further development through partnership Anybuild and developers.

Development cost is priced based on the actual cost, excluding the development costs and premiums, so career development 7-10 years professional developers directly above, you can get a reliable customized support.

In addition, because the infinite + Free license is granted for a commissioned company commissioned during development, it can significantly reduce long-term operating costs.

Customized development cost guide VAT excluded

Table customized development cost
Term Cost(VAT excluded) Example
One business day ***,***
  • When adding a specific option on the bulletin board
  • When interlocking the outside a particular variable
  • A simple level, mainly working for about one to two columns on the table of the DB
5 business days (one week) ***,***
  • A slightly more complex form
  • A slightly more complex bulletin board
  • Improvement Administrator Mode feature
  • Mostly level to create a new level or degree program wizard to create a new table in the DB
20 business days (one month) ***,***
  • Jiipmol program development
  • Event Coupon Program Development
  • Intellectuals Program Development
  • The level you need to develop new solutions primarily