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Fraudulent click IP blocking

Reduce your advertising costs effectively by blocking 99.99% of irregular IPs!

The fact that click fraud nearly reaches 10% of keyword ads! Did you know?
Unnecessary clicks on ad spending, click fraud!
We will reduce the cost of advertising by paying a click-to-call IP address so that only paid keyword ads are not exposed.

What is fraudulent click?

This means that competitors are deliberately clicking on search results more often, or the customer clicks on keyword ads more than necessary to make them pay more for a particular business.
Search ad pricing is a bidding process, so if you spend more than a few millions, you'll spend more.
Unnecessary clicks on ad spending, click fraud! In a more convincing manner, we will block fraudulent clicks.

Differentiated Services

Most fraudulent click blocking solutions often paralyze your PC when blocked.
This is a risky way to spend on advertising costs, because it exposes keyword ads to you as it is, and it can harm your valid customers.
We automatically block fraudulent clicks ipf to ensure that only paid keyword ads are not exposed.

Service comparison
Third party Its
When clicking fraudulent clicks Keyword ad impressed
Sustained advertising spend
Block keyword ad impressions
Ad limit IP auto registration of portal site
No paid ads, so no spending!
On return PC crashes on connection Favorites and free keywords,
Directly enter domain address
effect Ads will continue to be exposed even if they block, resulting in ad spending and PC down Reduce ad costs by 10% and block repeated ad impressions

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