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Multilingual Automatic Translation Tags

Multilingual automatic translation tags are very simple to use.

Multilingual automatic translation tags automatically translate four languages ​​into data-lan=“Country code” for all tags such as td, span, li, and p.
Country code
kr = Korean / jp = Japanese / cn = Chinese / en = English

What is an automatic translation tag?

  • Everyone is easy and simple!

    Anyone can easily and easily create multilingual websites.

    <span data-lan="en">Good morning.</span>
    <span data-lan="en">How to use the "multilingual automatic translation tags" is very easy.</span>
    • 안녕하세요. "다국어 자동 번역 태그"의 사용방법은 매우 간단합니다.
    • Good morning. How to use the "multilingual automatic translation tags" is very easy.
    • こんにちは。 「多言語自動翻訳タグ」の使い方は非常に簡単です。
    • 早上好。 如何使用“多语言自动翻译标签”是很容易的。
  • Unlimited use of all tags

    If you put data-lan=“Country code” in all tags, it will be automatically translated into 4 languages.
    Td, span, li, p, etc. Used without restrictions.

    <td data-lan="kr">한국어</td>
    <p data-lan="en">English</p>
    <li data-lan="jp">日本語</li>
    <span data-lan="cn">中文</span> …