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Data Backup Policy

The data entered into the Anybuild solution will be kept as long as you use the Anybuild solution, regardless of the duration of use.


The data stored in the Anybuild for the user is very important and should not be lost. In addition, preservation of data is one of the areas of greatest concern because it relates to the survival of our company.
So Anybuild solutions, has implemented the following policies:

Data redundancy

The data entered into the Anybuild solution is stored in two databases instead of being stored in only one database.
This is the solution Anybuild policies to help resume the service as soon as possible from the other redundant servers If a particular server causing the problem.

If two distributed DBs are causing problems at the same time, we can predict big wars or natural disasters, In this situation, it will be difficult for all companies to continue their business activities.

Data Backup

The data entered in the Anybuild solution is stored in a different storage medium for a certain period of time every day for the purpose of version control.

It is time-consuming and costly to actually service these backups, but we are prepared for them.
The backup range for daily backup is the data from the data input to the backup point on the day when Anybuild first starts the service.

In other words, all data entered by the customer is backed up daily.

How to back up directly to the customer

In addition to backing up from an anybuild, there is also a way for you to back up yourself. In other words, it is possible to download the data entered in Excel format specified period.

This feature allows customers to store their own backup data to achieve a sense of psychological stability, It is a function to support customers so that data can be transferred reliably when upgrading to another system.

Web page sources are also available for download via FTP programs such as 'ALFTP' and 'FileZilla'.