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Smart Home Management APP

If there is new information in the homepage account that is being managed, it informs by smart home management APP.

Let's manage my homepage, smarter!

Smart Home Management APP allows you to view news in real time on your mobile device whenever you have new information on the homepage you manage. You can manage your homepage more smartly with various functions of your app such as responding in real time or processing business immediately.

How to get started with your app

  1. Download the "Smart Home Management" app from Google Play and the Apple Store.
  2. Register the homepage account you are managing.
  3. Get real-time updates from your homepage on your mobile device.

* Multiple homepage accounts can be registered, and each account icon can be specified for easy identification in real time management.

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Service Features

  1. 1

    Get a variety of new news from the homepage

    Get instant access to a variety of new posts in real time, anywhere, anytime, from the Smart Home management app.
    You can check the information of the homepage account registered in the app at once, such as registering a membership, ordering a shopping mall, depositing a new article, responding to an inquiry, new inquiry, reservation reservation, and so on.
    You can distinguish between the verified posts and those you have not verified.

  2. 2

    Let's see what you want at a glance!

    You can only bookmark the news you want in Home Management News, and you can see at a glance important news that you registered as a favorite.
    You can easily register / cancel.

  3. 3

    Practical close control system!
    Check it out and get it processed right away!

    Are you sure you want to check for new news?
    The smart home management app lets you quickly and easily process a variety of new posts, including scheduling / order / billing confirmations, post replies, quotes, and call to contacts.

  4. 4

    Smart notification

    You can receive push notifications whenever new posts are posted, and you'll be notified with a notification popup when the screen is off.
    In your account "Preferences," you can set up a new post item that you want to receive notifications to receive only selected items.

  5. 5

    Let's manage it separately for each account!

    When you register your account, you will be able to set the account notification icon, whether to be notified, and the notification item settings.
    If you have more than one account, you can easily distinguish these accounts with each notification icon. You can set up reminders for each account so you can manage them conveniently.

  6. 6

    Just search for the news you need!

    Want to check only what you need?
    Would you like to search only for the account you want?
    Try the "Smart Home Management App" search.