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Keyword Popup

Effective advertising with precise targeting! The answer is real-time visitor analysis.

You can let the operator know which page you are currently interested in and increase your sales by popping up pop-ups related to the keywords that your customers are interested in.

Keyword Popup

How to catch your customers at a glance, customized pop-ups for each incoming keyword!

Do you have the same pop-up window for people who search for 'cosmetic' and search for 'Botox'?
Over 50% of your customers go to other sites with only the first page of your website.
Keyword pop-ups let you know what keywords your customers are accessing and capture customized pop-ups by keyword.

Targeted pop-ups

Increase sales with pop-ups tailored to your interests!

Helps you increase sales by opening a channel to go directly to the page of information customers are interested in.
Check out the page that customers are interested in in real-time through the application and pop up a pop-up for that page!

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