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Password Money Billing

A new payment method in the global era! Password Money Billing


A new payment method in the global era! Password Money Billing
애니빌드 는 We offer Crypto currency payment module such as bit coin and etherium.
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  • Direct wallet pay

    What if you do not want to wait until settlement and want a quick turn of funds?

    Buyers deposit directly into the seller's wallet.
    The commission based on the purchase amount will be deducted from the e-money that has been pre-charged, and you can use the currency exchanged directly without having to wait for settlement.

    Fees 0.9%

  • Ai wallet pay

    If you want easy wallet management!

    Buyer deposits with Ai-Pay Wallet.
    After 10 days, the seller will be cleared without charge. Ai-Pay maintains your wallet address and billing confirmation so you do not have to worry about your wallet.
    We recommend it for those who have a lot of transactions or have difficulty managing their wallets.

    Fee 1.2%

  • Ai-open Pay

    Even without a shopping mall!

    You can only receive payment and order with a simple link address.
    Delivery is by the seller, payment is by Ai-pay.
    Ai-pay can manage payment confirmation, delivery, receipt confirmation, and return.
    Everyone can be a seller and a buyer.

    Fees 2.5%

Password Currency Billing Advantages

  • Low commission

    Card payment, 0.9% cheaper than others

  • Worldwide payment available

    It is easy to pay after exchanging money without overseas payment, nationality, and won.

  • Quick withdrawal

    We do not have to wait until settlement and withdraw immediately!

  • Privacy

    Ensure anonymity, stop unnecessary personal information exposure!

  • Simple Trading Procedures

    QR code at once!
    Complex transaction procedure NO!

  • Easy and convenient management

    From wallet address creation to payment history at a glance

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