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Automatic Bank transfer Check

You can easily check the deposit confirmation automatically when using an anybuild solution.


Check your deposit confirmation automatically and easily!
You can check your deposit history automatically by matching your order history with your account registration.

What is automatic deposit verification service?

You do not need to check your account deposit when depositing the product order, paid service settlement, etc. It is a convenient service that automatically checks and reconciles the deposit history and order history and automatically checks the deposit .

Automatic Deposit Check Service Features and Benefits

  1. Easily manage multiple shopping mall accounts at low cost
    Confirm the deposit information of multiple payment accounts registered without accessing bank banking site .
  2. More efficient and convenient payment process
    It is possible to confirm the deposit promptly by checking the account information every day and reducing the time for payment confirmation processing .
  3. Increase members' credibility with fast delivery start processing with automatic deposit confirmation
    You can collect the deposit details of your account and automatically match it to start the fast delivery process .

Service Information

Anybuild is affiliated with 'Bank Da ( Neural Tech)' .
Operational policies and service changes may be subject to change according to the operating policy of BANK DA (Neural Tech).
The automatic deposit check cycle takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 3 hours.
How to apply: [Administrator mode → Basic information management → Operation information setting → Bank account management]

Service Amount

Per account 월 3,300원 (VAT included)