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Macro Marketing

Easily automate all your work on the Internet!

100% automated marketing system

Labor cost is 1/10. ▼

Work efficiency is more than 10 times ▲ UP!

Marketing example

  • Daily SNS management
    • Add friends / Manage friend deletions
    • Send a message to a friend
  • Check daily cafe posts
    • Make sure your favorite posts come up
    • View and manage unanswered posts
  • Daily blog management
    • Check for new comments and see and manage unanswered comments
  • Check prices of competitors' products on a daily basis
    • If there is a price competition than other companies,
  • Daily Mailbox Management
    • If you need to send an email to interested members
  • Daily Message Management
    • If you need to send a message to a member

You can promote various information sharing about Ai-macro, work request and order receipt.

It is possible to commission macro production in the telegram group room and promote the order, but please be sure to use the personal messenger for the work contents and quotation.

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