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Artificial Intelligence Marketing Ai-LOG

Digital Marketing Trends in 2018! Artificial intelligence marketing is believed to be based on Big Data.


A smart choice for marketers!
AI-LOG is a big data-based artificial intelligence marketing company that supports various customer analysis marketing solutions such as block fraud / successful IP block / keyword automatic bidding / target popup / keyword popup.
In addition, it analyzes the "Advertising Effectiveness Index", which is very helpful for reducing advertising costs.

Successful IP blocking

How to reduce 30% of keyword ads in Naver!
We will prevent costly keyword ad impressions from existing customers who have already signed up for membership, or to existing customers who have made an order payment or consultation. Check out the amazing changes!

Block fraudulent clicks

Did you know that keyword ads continue to charge even if you register with negative clicks?
Ai-Log's own ad blocking method is used to reduce unnecessary advertising costs.
- Real-time negative ip automatic registration service support

Keyboard automatic bidding (expected to be available on Jan. 01, 2018)

If you're surprised that your keyword ad is so expensive, pay attention!
Ai-log's powerful real-time ranking bidding solution only charges the minimum cost to enter the desired rankings!
If you do not adjust the bid amount by trusting only the average Naver, you will not be able to see your ad in the desired location, and you will have to overspend.

Time Naver's 15th entry
If the bid is 5,330
Actual 15th entry bid price result
00:00~09:00 About 2 to 4 1,000 won Ranking Zoom, Advertising Expense
09:00~12:00 About 32 9,300 won Ranking failed!
12:00~13:00 About 20 6,100 won Ranking failed!
13:00~18:00 About 32 9,800 won Ranking failed!
18:00~24:00 About 10 2,500 won Advertising Expense

Most marketers do not like Naver Power Link because it is so expensive and wants to be on the first screen even if it drops a bit. By using Ai-Log, you will be able to set the desired ranking for each time zone.

Targeted pop-ups

How can the current user naturally lead to sales?
Targeted pop-up service that can catch the trend of each customer and make various marketing instantly!
The mobile app push message informs the operator that the current user is most interested in the page. The operator has the highest success rate leading to sales by launching a popup in real time on the customer's screen.

Keyword Popup

How do I capture a customer who only sees the first screen and exits?
If your customers are coming to your site with any of your keywords, try to provide a customized keyword pop-up that matches your interests with your main page. The operator pre-populates the pop-ups associated with the keyword by pre-populating multiple keywords.
Customers who search for cosmetics will receive a popup for a cosmetic sale event, and customers who search for a camera will be notified of camera planning events and can accurately target them.

Analyze your advertising effectiveness

Do you know if your ad is doing well?
ai-log will provide you with "Advertising Effectiveness Index" which is more advantageous for each advertiser at various points of view.
You can easily and quickly judge with graphs, and compare and analyze intuitively the number of connections, page views, residence time, number of sales, and amount of sales!

Real-time visitor analysis

Saving your advertising is the answer to real-time visitor analysis.
Analyze where your customers are coming from and what keywords they are interested in.
Therefore, it is possible to systematically marketing which advertisement medium occupies the largest portion of the user's input, which can greatly reduce the advertising cost, and helps to maintain the customer and increase the sales.

Page click analytics

For each page, visitors to your site will analyze the pattern of which areas of your page have a high or low click weight and appear as images. Areas with low clickthroughs can be replaced with information that's popular with customers, and areas with high clickthroughs should be expanded. In this simple way, you can quickly identify and respond to customer feedback to drive a variety of marketing that can boost your sales.