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Global hosting

It maintains optimal network status between domestic and overseas and can transfer large files quickly.


Have you experienced a sudden drop in speed when using overseas sites?
Global Acceleration Service enables optimal network status / fast transmission / stable support by using leased lines even in long distance between domestic and overseas.
We guarantee your speed and quality and support your global business.

What is global acceleration?

Global Acceleration is the Origin Acceleration method, in which fluctuating data from the source server is delivered to the end user in real time, without any additional manipulation.
It is a network optimization technology designed to maximize the bandwidth of the server and client sections.

In case of long distance transmission, packet transmission failure is slow, because retransmission still occurs.
The learning-based TCP optimization technique compensates at the network end to prevent retransmissions and enables fast retransmission through fast-recovery technology during retransmission.
Once you know the network latency and failure rate through learning, you can maintain optimal network conditions to send large packet size at once without fail.
Because it implements learning-based transmission algorithm with standard TCP transmission protocol, it can be applied simply and easily without complicated setting.

Global acceleration application effect

When you install the Global Acceleration Module, the acceleration effect increases when the latency is high, when the file size is large.

Even if the packet loss rate is high, the packet remains stable at the same rate as when the packet is stable.

Global acceleration General network (non-acceleration)

Global Accelerated China Service Case

The graph below shows the result of transmitting the global accelerating equipment to Korea Mobile Broadband IDC and then transmitting it to China Mobile.
The graph shows that global acceleration provides a stable view to customers regardless of time zone, but when not mounted, the customer appears to be unable to view the view.

Global acceleration product type

Easy to install on the server, the speed is dynamically faster.

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Type of service Service method Cost
Equipment Installation Web server, streaming server, caching server, etc. installed on the end user contact server
Basic traffic 3Mbps (1Mbps per 1Mbps when exceeded)
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※ Installation fee is 100,000 yen.

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