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Coupon Wallet

It is coupon wallet service that you can decorate your own Gifticon, use it as your business card, and easily publish and present it.


Coupon Wallet is a service that allows you to easily create and publish Gifticon in Home Management APP, and create your own gift card by decorating your own way.
Gifticon can be a great gift to attract customers by decorating them with unique business cards and presenting them to customers. Because it can be mass-send to offline events or online customers, it supports new concept marketing different from other companies.

Service Features

Publish simple Gifticon with APP

You can easily publish Gifticon through the Smart Home management app.
Once you have deposited a deposit in your coupon wallet, you can easily select and send it to your customers whenever you need a Gifticon.

Personalized business cards

Anyone can easily create my own Gifticon, not just a gift card image with only the product image.
If you make your own personalized business card with the image of the face or the image of the contact input, presenting the Gifticon to the customer can be a great help in attracting the customers.

Mass send services

You can mass-send Gifticon to corporate promotions or store off-line events. And since it can be mass-send to online customers on the homepage, it can support the new concept marketing service differentiated from other companies.