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Password Money Billing

Ai-pay is a Crypto denunciations decentralization payment solution.

Shopping mall linked type

  • You can integrate Crypto Money into your website such as shopping mall, content mall, and hotel reservation.
  • You can choose whether to use the [Wallet Interlocking Type] to change the payment wallet address to the seller's wallet or to use the wallet provided by Ai-pay.
  • When using the seller's personal wallet - My-wallet

    There is no settling cycle since you receive a payment directly from the buyer.
    You may need to register multiple wallet addresses, as the same amount of orders at the same time may not be processed for automatic deposit confirmation upon receipt.
    Buyers must process a refund for cancellation and refund requests.
    Please note that even if you issue a refund, the minimum payment fee will not be refunded.
    Payment fees are deducted from e-money, so you must always charge at least 3,000 won. If you do not have enough funds, you will not be able to make payments.
  • When using the wallet provided by Ai-pay - Ai-wallet

    You do not have to worry about your wallet because it automatically creates a new wallet address for each order you make.
    Buyers can automatically process refunds for cancellations and refund requests.
    No refunds will be charged for refunds, but only a block chain network fee will be charged.
    The settlement cycle is 10 days.