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Beacon APP development

Discount coupons, etc., you can get a lot of information and you can make a payment at the time of purchase.

Beacon service is an O2O (ON-LINE TO OFF-LINE) service that can be used by anyone with a mobile device. Based on your current location, you can receive information provided by nearby facilities such as shops, museums, and galleries.

What is a beacon?

A short range communication technology for mobile devices that finds the location of a user within a range of up to 70 meters and sends a message. Anyone with a mobile device can get information from nearby stores, museums, and public facilities based on their current location.

Customers who enter stores to purchase merchandise can benefit from the store's various benefits, including catalogs, coupons, and discounts, as well as mobile payments at once.

In Korea, when you arrive at the entrance of the Myeongdong Cathedral, a web page containing the history of the cathedral and mass time is displayed on the smartphone.

  • Blowing in the streets leaflets NO!

    For customers who want to buy goods, information such as discount coupons and store catalogs are sent. For customers viewing artwork, we send information about the artwork. Without complex connections, you can provide only the information you need to customers who need information with your location-based services.

  • Low maintenance and sophisticated positioning

    Beacons are Bluetooth low energy (BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy) application, which has a low power effect with little effect on battery life. In the room, it is possible to grasp more precise position than GPS. Lower handset prices are cheaper to maintain.

  • Easy wireless payment (linked with Kakaopay)

    If you are interested in purchasing items at the store and getting discounts at various discounts, you can pay for them wirelessly immediately. You can pay more easily with Kakaopay.

  • Various business scenarios

    In stores such as shopping malls and restaurants, we offer various benefits and discount information such as coupon issue. In cultural places such as museums and exhibition halls, it is possible to prevent theft or damage, or send information about artworks. Children's houses, old people, etc. can guarantee the safety of vulnerable groups. Schools, etc. can automatically check attendance. Time and attendance management can be done in company or business place. Anyone with a mobile device like this can be a service target. Please contact us for development.