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Business Overview

Anybuild solution is a CMS solution that can quickly and easily build numerous homepages and APP with one subscription.

Anybuild solution supports hybrid APP and various solutions and supports all real-time automatic building.

Solution Type
  • Responsive web site
  • Website promotion type
  • Shopping mall
  • In-store type shopping mall
  • Closed mall
  • Franchise shopping mall
  • Open market
  • Job search website
  • News articles website
  • Community website
  • Pensions website
  • Company information website

Due to the rapid changes in IT trends in recent years, designers and developers alone will not be able to create homepages.

At least web design, mobile web UI design, standard coding, responsive web coding, API interlocking development, web development, and APP development are basically necessary for the production of homepage and it requires a lot of manpower.

Anybuild has built a Web + APP automation system to minimize these tasks. We also provide various solutions as well as design sources to support your business.

If you are planning a homepage production business, I will recommend an anybuild solution with confidence.

Representative functions

Hybrid APP

Now, you can not compete with the homepage alone.

Smart Home Management APP

In recent years, many customers have preferred APP rather than homepage, and the number is increasing.
We will increase your competitiveness with open source APP provided by Anybuild.

  • Hybrid APP

    Hybrid APP We provide APP, which includes push message transmission (simultaneous image sending), attendance check event, and installation event function as open source. (Business members only)

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  • Smart Home Management APP

    Smart Home Management APP This is a new concept management app that allows you to receive notifications when new information is available on your homepage account.

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  • Responsive web

    Responsive web The competitiveness of the mobile age is responsive web! Anybuild solutions are optimized for responsive webs, providing a stable development environment.

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  • CSS 편집 툴

    CSS editing tools We provide CSS editing tools for anyone to work quickly and easily by programming complex CSS coding.

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  • 홈페이지 자동 구축

    Automatic construction of homepage Custom Design / Homepage / Magic Template You can easily build 3 types of homepage easily and automatically with one click.

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  • 다양한 솔루션

    Various solutions Holds a wide range of solutions, even wanted to change further expansion and solutions can be quickly and easily manufactured at a very low cost.

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  • 다양한 프로그램

    Various programs In addition to the many program modules provided, you can also create and sell your own new programs using the program shop.

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  • 디자인 템플릿 제공

    Provides Design Template We have partnered with a template production company to provide templates for free / free. If you are creating your own template, you can copy the template to infinity and sell it to other companies.

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  • 이미지 소스 무료 제공

    Image source provides free Reduce the cost of the image source you pay each year. We provide various high-quality image sources free of charge.

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  • 호스팅 관리

    Managed Hosting You can manage all the management items from your hosting monthly discount rate, period setting, billing to payment with an automated system.

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  • 유지 보수관리

    Maintenance Management Anybuild maintenance management With ERP solution, you can minimize the whole work and understand the progress of production.

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  • 디자인 소스 수정

    Edit design source The FTP account is provided for the operator's convenience and quick operation, and the work contents are immediately applied when the connection is made with Edit Plus.
    All design pages provided by Anybuild are open for 99% modification.

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