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About Us

Introducing the Leader Aram Communications of CMS solutions.

Aram Communications, inc. is a specialist on development focused on developing CMS solutions since its establishment in 2007 until the present.

Aram Communications, inc.
Company Name
Aram Communications, inc.
Kang Mi-sun
Date of establishment
February 2007
450 million won
Number of Employees
15 people
Main business
Website development CMS solution development and service
Business place
Busan, Haeundae-gu, Centum Main Road 97, Centum Sky Biz A, Building 1301

Leader of CMS Solution 'Aram Communications'

We provide anybuild solutions to companies / organizations specializing in POS development, online marketing, APP and homepage manufacturing.

'Aram Communications' has been developing various WEB & APP platforms for many years. From the standpoint of the manufacturer, we aim to create a system that can reduce manufacturing time and costs, increase productivity, and provide customers with high-quality, low-cost, and fast maintenance management. Since the company was established, we have developed an anybuild solution that has never stopped and stubbornly stuck.

Anybuild solution is a CMS solution that contains various programs and tools needed for APP and home page creation. Everyone is able to develop quickly and easily, and is designed to respond promptly to the rapidly changing IT market trends.

Aram Communications will continue to do our best to be the leader of the CMS Solutions business.