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We are looking for talent to challenge and creative innovation, dreams and passions.

This is a regular job announcement for Aram Communications.

A good partner to lead business successfully Aram Communications ( is recruiting talented people to join the future. Since the development of WEB / APP CMS solution for the first time in Korea in 2007 as a specialist in software development, Aram Communications, inc. has been developing so far.
We hope that you will achieve your future at Aram Communications, inc., which is firmly established as a leading company and leaps forward for the future.

Recruitment parts and qualifications

Recruitment parts and qualifications Table
Recruitment section Responsibilities Qualifications Personnel
Web publishing
  • jQuery development
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • Responsive web coding

Academic irrelevance / experienced more than 1 year

College (2-year) over
New or experienced
0 people
Development Sector
  • Angular js
  • Web programming (php)
  • WEB-based ERP application development
  • php, My-SQL, etc.
  • Linux server management

Academic irrelevance / experienced more than 1 year

College (2-year) over
Experience over 3 years
0 people
  • Online Sales
  • Offline Sales
IT-related sales experienced staff
Benefit, please contact us.
0 people
A man who works with pride
Selection procedure and method
Step 1 :
Document screening and notification of successful applicants (No mail received)
- Please be sure to attach your profile picture. If you do not have a profile photo, we will not accept your resume. (Disqualification in case of no photo registration)
- Typical documents : Each resume and self introduction letter (Online, e-mail application form received)
Step 2 :
Interview selection (individual schedule notification) and individual notification of successful applicants


The main form groups
Support Areas
Hope salary
Unit (10,000 won)
Phone Number
- -

Privacy Statement

The company is collecting same personal information for registration, consultation and service application etc.

  • Collection item : Support Areas, Experience, Hope salary, Name, e-mail, Phone Number, resume, etc
  • Personal information collection methods : Application

The purpose of collecting and using personal information

Company uses the personal information collected for the following purposes.

  • Applying for a company

Period of possession and use of personal information

The company will destroy that information without delay, without exception, after the collection and use of personal information purpose has been achieved.

(No documents will be returned. Passing can be canceled when making a false application.)