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If you can do web design and coding, please join Anybuild.


Anybuild has contracted with hundreds of web agencies, generating dozens to hundreds of homepages per day.

When you register as a freelancer, you can receive stable and sustained project orders from web agency using anybuild solution. It is also possible to make a homepage and an APP through an anybuild solution myself.

Freelancer Benefits

  1. Website hosting site for 1 year free trial
  2. By providing free agency members with the skills and contact information of their web agency, you can receive a steady job order. (On request only)
  3. 20% discount on all templates sold in Anybuild
  4. 50% discount on all templates when using more than 5 times
  5. You can register your products directly in the content market and sell them.

    Revenue on a regular customer's purchase = (70% of the sales amount)
    Enterprise (web agency) Revenue from customer purchase = (60% of the sales amount)

Freelancer registration procedure

  1. Join Anybuild with General Membership.
  2. report [Basic Creating websites, making the mobile web] The same production.
  3. Request approval via [Freelancer approval request] below.
  4. We check the homepage and mobile web and approve it freelancer.
  5. You can get service at discounted amount in Anybuild.
  6. We provide site addresses, contacts, and skills you have created above to other web agencies. (On request only)

Freelancer approval request

Approval request form

The main form

Solution Experience Site Address
Personal homepage address
Whether contact information is disclosed to corporate members
Skills and brief introduction