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Design Farm 2.0

With Design Farm 2.0, you can easily create all your web pages, including responsive web, mobile web, and home page, with a simple mouse click.

Responsive Web Builder Design Farm 2.0 Open!

Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 1

    Anyone who is not familiar with HTML or CSS can easily create web pages.

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 2

    Build faster than professional web publishers.

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 3

    All contents provided in Design Farm 2.0 can be modified directly from the source, so we highly recommend customized production.

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 4

    Once created, your content is highly productive because it can be reused in other accounts.

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 5

    All pages created with Design Farm 2.0 are compatible with Hybrid APP, so you can solve all of your PC version, mobile web, and APP all in one operation.

  • Advantages of using Design Farm 2.0 6

    Design Farm 2.0 has no fixed framework, so you can freely create any existing layout.

Experience Design Farm 2.0

Design Farm 2.0 FAQ

What is Design Farm 2.0?
Generally, responsive webs are made up of complex CSS and html5, making it difficult to create / modify without expertise.
Design Farm 2.0 is a wizard tool that makes it easy to create any web page with a simple mouse click, even if you are a beginner without any knowledge of CSS and html.
Can not you modify the source?
It is 99% correctable because it uses the Anybuild solution platform, and Design Farm 2.0 is considered as a supplementary platform.
I know much about CSS, HTML5. Would you prefer a generic responsive template? Would you like a template made with Design Farm 2.0?
In this case, a generic responsive template is recommended. Even if a template is created with Design Farm 2.0, it is possible to fix 99%, but there are many CSS files because each page does not have a CSS file but exists for each content.
This is somewhat inconvenient for CSS hardcoding.
I do not know nothing about CSS, HTML5. Can I fix it all I really want?
Not necessarily. Design Farm 2.0 is an option only for those parts of the template that are likely to be changed by the template maker, so there is scope to fix it. Of course, you can modify the source, but if you do not know CSS or HTML, never modify it.
Whenever you select a template, it is a good idea to choose a template that has the least amount of modification.
Where can I find a manual on how to use Design Farm 2.0?
It is organized in the Support Center.
Go to Design Farm 2.0 Manual